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Alessi Nuvem Round Basket by Fratelli Campana - AFC10/

Alessi Nuvem Round Basket by Fratelli Campana

Price: $30.00

Brothers, and long time partners, Humberto and Fernando Campana make up the dynamic design team “Fratelli Campana." Humberto, originally trained as a lawyer, and Fernando, an architect, have taken their signature Brazilian touch to the design world, significantly emphasizing their take on European design with each work. Their forms are hallmarked by the usage of materials in their raw state and experimentation with poor and recycled matter. These features can easily be seen in the "Nuvem" Basket, which in Portugese means "cloud" - alluding to their light and airy composition. Much like the Blow-Up pieces, Nuvem is an experiment in wire-working, featuring matte aluminum wire that has been tangled and twisted, squashed and then spun to achieve its signature look that again fuses pandemonium with poetry, and embodies their unique experimental approach to design. Available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Designed by: Fratelli Campana Features: -Light and airy "cloud" inspiration (Nuvem) -Matte aluminnum wire composition -Tangled and twisted, squashed and spun design -Available in three sizes -Small Dimensions: 6" diameter -Medium Dimensions: 9.5" diameter -Large Dimensions: 12" diameter

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