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Alessi Marli Bottle Opener by Steven Blaess, 2005 - SB01

Alessi Marli Bottle Opener by Steven Blaess, 2005

Price: $25.00

Steven Blaess, is a leading designer from Australia who has worked with numerous leading architects, graphic design companies and as a developer of concept consumer products. Many of his works of architecture, interior and industrial designs are published in international design publications and exhibited throughout Milan, Paris, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Melbourne and Sydney. Made from functional materials in truly functional and fashionable forms, his items' specific designs make them extremely easy and comfortable for everyday use, as well as eye appeal. Blaess devised the Marli Bottle Opener for Alessi in 2005. Made from high tensile stainless steel in the shape of a figure-eight, providing maximum product strength, the item's contoured, ergonomic design makes it extremely easy and comfortable to use. The design was specifically intended to decrease the effort of opening a bottle by eliminating the leverage and pressure that is necessary from the shoulder and forearm when using traditional bottle openers. When holding Marli in the palm of the hand, simply twist horizontally or vertically to release a bottle cap. Designed by: Steve Blaess, 2005 Features: -High tensile stainless steel provides maximum strength -Figure-eight, ergonomic design provides ease of use -Functionality with aesthetic appeal -Dimensions: 2.25"W x 1.75"D

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