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Alessi 9093/96/97 Tea Set by Michael Graves - Set of:  9096 and 9097 and 9093

Alessi 9093/96/97 Tea Set by Michael Graves

Price: $322.00

Michael Graves is known to spend more than half of his time on design alone, and the 9093 was no exception. The 9093 Kettle with Bird Whistle, as designed by Michael Graves, became a household favorite throughout the world from the very beginning (1985). This sole design has sold the greatest number of units in the entire history of Alessi, and, furthermore, it has been cited in numerous design manuals as one of the "most influential objects of the post-modern style." It is considered a forerunner to designs of today that incorporate a very playful, Americana approach. In addition Graves has created a Sugar Bowl and Creamer that are perfect mates to this piece, the 9096 and 9097. They are beautiful classic pieces that feature many different finish/color options just like the kettle and are also made from 18/10 stainless steel and polyamide for the handles and lid knobs. When together, these pieces make a wonderful, playful tea set. Designed by: Michael Graves Features: -9093 Kettle with Bird Whistle -Popular and influential post-modern design -18/10 stainless steel -Four finish/color options available -Dimensions: 9"H x 8.5" diameter (Holds 2qt. 3oz.) -9097 Sugar Bowl -18/10 stainless steel with polyamide handles and knob -Features a lid with a black knob -Includes matching spoon with black knob -Comes in three color/finish options -Dimensions: 3.25"H x 4.25" diameter -9096 Creamer -18/10 stainless steel with polyamide handle -Comes in three color/finish options -Dimensions: 1.75"H x 4.25" diameter

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