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AeroGarden Petunia Flowers Seed Kit - 0004-00Z

AeroGarden Petunia Flowers Seed Kit

Original Price: $29.95

Price: $19.95

Watch a garden of beautiful petunias cascade right in your own home. For use with the AeroGarden, the Cascading Petunias Seed Kit contains a multi-colored array of Petunia plants that are sure to delight and entertain your guests. Only 30 days after planting, the seed pods will transform into gorgeous blossoms for four to six months. Click Here to Watch AeroGarden Video Clips Features: -Petunias will grow more than twice as fast as dirt -No dirt, no weeds, no mess -Organic based, 100 percent natural -Always fresh, always available -No gardening experience necessary Specifications: -Weight: 0.5 lbs. -Dimensions: 5.4"W x 10"L x 2"L -Note: AeroGardens should not be used with soft water (treated water containing little or no dissolved salts of calcium or magnesium) AeroGarden Video Clips

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