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AeroGarden Master Gardener Deluxe Kit - 0011-00Z

AeroGarden Master Gardener Deluxe Kit

Original Price: $49.95

Price: $39.95

The Master Gardener Deluxe Kit lets consumers plant and grow their own favorite seeds in the AeroGarden, from green beans to spinach to wildflowers and more. Specially designed reusable split-apart baskets allow for easy transplanting into soil so consumers can also start seeds indoors in spring and transplant plants to their outdoor gardens when weather permits. Click Here to Watch AeroGarden Video Clips Features: -Everything needed for a full year of growing -A step-by-step Planting and Growing Guide -7 Bio-Domes -21 Seed Pod Labels -21 Grow Sponges -7 split-apart baskets -A year's supply of small and large nutrient tablets Specifications: -Dimensions: 10.1"H x 5.5"W x 2.0"D -Note: AeroGardens should not be used with soft water (treated water containing little or no dissolved salts of calcium or magnesium) AeroGarden Video Clips

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